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    Gastric Band

    This price includes two years follow up with unlimited fill if clinically indicated.

    Gastric Bypass

    This includes two years follow up with surgeon and specialist nurse.

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    Gastric Balloon

    This includes procedures of insertion and removal of the balloon as well as full dietitian and specialist nurse support.

    Sleeve Gastrectomy

    This includes two years follow up with surgeon and specialist nurse.

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    Denise Cannon

    My Journey

    „For 20 years i have battled on yo yo dieting, had depression, and been in pain with knee joints.“

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    John Catterall

    Events leading up to surgery

    „It is now 18 months since my surgery. I weigh 106 kg; I was previously 190 kg. I joined the local gym“

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    Katie M

    My Experience

    „I have regained my confidence and it feels great to be able to go shopping for clothes knowing that...“

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    Our Experienced Team

    There is no one program that fits all patients. At our practice, each patient is evaluated and treated according to their own special needs.Our well trained staff will answer any of your questions. Read More

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Surgery is one of the most effective way of reducing weight in morbidly obese patients.

We have been helping more and more women and men throughout the UK and Manchester lose weight through surgery. We have transformed the lives of many patients. Our expert bariatric surgeons offer a range of obesity surgery procedures including the Gastric Band, also known as lap banding, gastric bypass and the gastic balloon. We also offer sleeve gastrectomy.

Our dedicated before and after care teams in Manchester look after you throughout your weight loss journey , from making that first decision, to providing ongoing weight loss support and advice long after surgery.

Surgery is not an easy option but it works. To get the best results it is extremely important that patients make the life style changes that are necessary and also follow dietary advice.

We have a team of specialist in Manchester who will help you throughout your journey. We have a 24 hour back up service and our specialist nurses are available to answer all your queries.

Our chief Surgeon Mr Akhtar has been doing surgery for more than 10 years. He has done large number of gastric band, gastric bypass and sleeve Gastrectomy operations. Mr Akhtar leads a team of specialist to provide a high class service to all our patients.

All the operations are done at one of the two top private hospitals in Manchester.

All our doctors and surgeons are based in the UK and trained to the highest standards.

Here’s our promise to you.

  • An expert No-Obligation consultation within a reasonable distance. 
  • The best care before during and after your procedure. We don’t forget about you after your surgery. We follow-up to make sure that you are well.
  • No hidden charges. You will pay no more than what you agreed.
  • We strictly follow all government and relevant authority guidelines in the UK.

Having surgery is a big decision to make. It is important that you feel comfortable and trust the surgeon you are dealing with. We are committed to making sure that you are absolutely delighted with our service.

The Cost of Weight Loss Surgery? 

Weight loss surgery cost? We offer fixed price packages for all of our procedures which covers your two year follow up care, any band fill adjustments (gastric band patients only) and high dependency unit care (HDU) should you require it.

Full After-Care Package

Our 2-year follow up after-care package includes regular face-to-face, email and telephone conversations with our bariatric team. You will also become a life long member of our bariatric peer support group, giving you the opportunity to socialise with people who have undergone the same life changing surgery.

We are able to provide every type of surgery currently available in the UK. Call us today for a friendly chat with one of our experts.W

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Confused which surgery?

Our surgeons will give you all the help you need to decide which is the best surgery option.

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What is weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery, is a type of procedure performed on people for the purpose of losing weight.

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