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I have now had my gastric band over fours years. The procedure was carried out at the Highfield Hospital Rochdale by Mr Akhtar.

Prior to the procedure I had a consultation meeting with Mr Akhtar who asked about my reasons for wanting the operation and what efforts I had made to try and loose weight. The initial assessment was very thorough and included a further consultation with a dietician before it was determined that I would benefit from the procedure being carried out. To be offered the opportunity to have a gastric band was a huge relief to me as my obesity was impacting on my health and general well being.

The procedure was carried out shortly after the initial consultation and only involved an over night stay in hospital. I made a speedy recovery and there were no post operative complications.

The benefits of having the gastric band were soon easy to see as I started to loose weight immediately. However, learning to live with the gastric band did initially cause some problems as I found it difficult to change my old eating habits. I found to my cost that some foods were now more difficult to eat and caused me discomfort. During the early days I relied a lot on the support provided by the dietician who was always there to provide advice, guidance and general encouragement. In addition, I also had further meetings with Mr Akhtar who was very supportive and made adjustments to the gastric band and monitored by weight loss or on one occasion weight gain (the band does not make you loose your sweet tooth).

Overall I have no regrets in having the gastric band. I have regained my confidence and it feels great to be able to go shopping for clothes knowing that I have a lot more choice and look good it what I wear. I recently attended a family wedding and relatives I had not seen since the gastric band was fitted just could not believe how different I looked. I have also started to exercise again and my general health as improved significantly.

Katie M

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