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Every year the weight crept on !  I was under the paediatrician because of obesity  from being about 8 years old. I was unable to walk properly. I had regular  appointments and weigh - ins. Diet sheets were provided, but my working parents did not stick to the recommendations. On leaving primary school at eleven years old I ended up in hospital due to obesity. Over 2 weeks I lost one stone. One day mu mum and dad felt guilty cause they had not visited due to moving house and brought me chocolate to compensate!


I used to swim and ride a bike so although I was fat ....I was fit! On going to secondary school  I had to have trousers specially made cause they were not big enough. My blazer could not be bought from school outfitters as they did not go up to my size. I was big and fat but I would retaliate by punching out.


As a young man I became interested in girls .....I started smoking, drinking and not eating. I went from 17 stones to 10 stone 10 lbs . I became fashion conscious and could buy clothes and keep up to date  with the latest gear !  I joined the venture scouts and even went camping.


When courting and in the early years go our marriage the weight started creeping up again. I used to go to badminton, tennis, swimming and on bike rides. The weight yo -yo ed and the wife and I tried different diets - I even joined weight watchers at one time. The exercise over the years  dropped by the wayside  following injuries to both knees. They are still a constant source of pain. I am unable to have surgery until I loose further weight !
We also used to have a camper van and managed to get out and about for short walks. We no longer have this  so exercise is very limited or non existent now.

Stephen Moss
After deciding that I no longer had the willpower to diet I saw a TV programme about the gastric band. I went to my GP's to enquire about it however I did not fit the criteria at the time. I had other serious health problems over the next 4 years then went back the GP to consider a private operation for a gastric band.
At this point I was about 28 stone. I was referred to the dietician and then I fit the criteria on the national health to have bariatric surgery. I had to wait a matter of  at least  6 months before I was referred to Mr Akhtar. I lost some more weight. and met Mr Akhtar at the Alexander Hospital at Cheadle for a consultation under the National Health. He explained the various procedures of gastric band, gastric sleeve and bariatric bypass. It was also explained to me about everything that might go wrong.
Mr Akhtar was willing to do the operation if he could find an anaesthetist who was willing to assist. At the end of the day Mr Akhtar explained that even after the procedure it was up to me to watch what I ate and drank.
Prior to surgery I had to follow a special diet and I lost further weight. The surgery was planned and it was explained to me that I would wake up in intensive care due to my complex medical problems. The treatment at the Alexander Hospital was 'second to none' . Mr Akhtar, the dieticians, nurses and all the team have been great.
I have continued to see Mr Akhtar for follow up appointments and he has been forever ' the gentleman' on his consultations. The bariatric nurses and the dietician have continued to be a great support. I have cut down portion sizes and no longer drink fizzy drinks or beer. I now weigh 118 kilos and can buy clothes at regular men's shops ( not at big men's shops ) . I am also very satisfied that that I have bought an off the peg suit.
The journey continues and I am continuing to loose weight!

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