Hi Mr Akhtar,
My name is Iris Price. You operated on me on 21/05/11. I had a gastric bypass and if it was not for you and your team I would not be here. It all started in May 2011, I was in poor health with my illness and it did not help me being overweight. I could not do a lot, I could not walk anywhere and was often at the doctors. Now my health has got a bit better but I am still ill. I was just short of 24 stone in 2011 and now on 18/08/13 I am 14 stone. I have got a bit more to go but I have lost 10 stone. I now do not need to go back to Manchester .

The staff at the hospital are so good they put the rest of the health service to shame. There are two nurses who are so nice and kind. The first one is called Helen, what a lovely person she is, and the second, Lousie, she too is lovely. If it was not for them I would not be here, they have helped me throughout the last two years and I can always just pick up the phone to ring them and they will ring back. Mr Akhtar, the best surgeon. Thank you to him, I now have got my life back.

Thank you
Iris Price.